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We help you accomplish your most cherished financial goals in life.


How we do it

  • Step 1: We define and prioritize your financial goals, making sure we balance the need to live in the now and save for the future.
    • Examples of Financial Goals: 
      • Emergency Savings
      • Annual Travel Savings
      • Down-Payment for a Primary or Vacation Home
      • Home Renovation
      • College Savings for Children or Grandchildren
      • Accumulating Retirement Savings
      • Generating Income from your Retirement Savings so that you don't outlive your savings
      • Paying-down Student Loans, Mortgage
      • Gifting to Family or Charities During your Lifetime
      • Gifting to Family or Charities Upon your Passing


  • Step 2: Based on your unique circumstances, we analyze your current financial situation:
    • Current Income
    • Current Expenses
    • For clients still working: Excess Income that can go to savings goals
    • For clients in retirement: Income Gap that must come out of Current Savings
    • Current Savings (Bank Accounts, Investment Accounts, 401k's, etc)
    • Insurance Coverages ( Life, Disability, Umbrella)


  • Step 3: Create a customized, realistic Financial Plan to accomplish your financial goals.


  • Step 4: Implement the investment-side of the Financial Plan using low-cost, diversified, tax-efficient index funds and risk-free Certificates of Deposit.


  • Step 5: Monitor the Financial Plan and only make major adjustments based on changes to your life, not based on changes in stock market prices.


  • Step 6: Stick to the Financial Plan.

History doesn’t repeat itself ... it rhymes
— Mark Twain